M3 Makeup Artists

Winter Park, FL
5 reviews
“I want to look like myself but better.” The most requested statement that we hear. It’s our job to fulfill that dream for the bride. We strive to find that sweet spot of what will look great in person as well as in pictures. It’s all about balance. With M3, what you end up with is a more perfect version of yourself! We want your experience to be as stress-free as possible. From the very beginning to the end. With the right makeup application, pampering, and personal attention, the bride will have the confidence she needs to make it through her Big Day.




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It's funny how I found M3 Beauty, as I had followed the owners blog about her battle with cancer since she first got diagnosed and through her journey. It... Read review

Jenna T.


So it's been 10 years since I walked into a salon and walked out COMPLETELY THRILLED! This new boutique-jewel of a salon is an absolute must if you are... Read review

Mary F.


The team is very welcoming when you walk into the salon. It feels comfortable when you're in a service and it feels like you're just hanging out with the... Read review

Evelyn R.